July 26, 2014

An Invocation for Beginnings

We fool ourselves into thinking we're so different from each other when the reality is the opposite; most of our hopes, dreams, and fears are shared.  The video clip below from Ze Frank is a reminder that those nasty insecurities that aim to keep us treading water, stuck in the familiar shouldn't dictate the way we live life.  Like a lukewarm bath, fear seems most often to be an emotion that has outlived its purpose.

There is a bit of language in the clip, so please be warned if you're sensitive to that.  For all those who need a little motivation and encouragement, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

July 19, 2014

Teachers Pay Teachers Update

I just updated my Persuasive Writing Lesson Plans on Teachers Pay Teachers (store link is on the right-hand side of the screen).  Common Core Standards are now included for grades 4 - 8.  For more info. head over to the store.  I have several new products coming up soon as well as updates to my current products in the coming weeks and months, so be sure to follow me so you'll get notifications.

July 15, 2014

Weird Al - Word Crimes!

If you love the English language and bemoan its descent, Weird Al's "Word Crimes" video is amazing!  I loved him before, but I love him even more now!  Enjoy!


And I found some evidence of my long-time affection!