September 15, 2016

Halloween STEM Challenge: Bone Bridge

Halloween STEM Challenge: Bone Bridge is an engaging, collaborative, hands-on activity to keep students focused on learning before or after they say trick-or-treat!

The first big holiday of the school year is upon us! If you want to keep students engaged and working while visions of candy and costumes dance in their brains, you're going to need something special. Wouldn't you know it, I've got just the thing: Bone Bridge!

In this challenge, students work in partners/groups to design a bridge for length, strength, and/or capacity.

Halloween Ban?
If Halloween activities are taboo or forbidden in your classroom, not to worry! Connect this challenge with the skeletal system, vertebrates & invertebrates, bridges & forces, transportation... the list goes on and on! You can always find ways around a Halloween ban! 

Where Can I Find Out More?
Want to know more about materials, how to draw the line between capacity & strength, and more tips & tricks? See the video below for a ~4 minute walk-through of the challenge.


Are There Others Like This?
But of course! This is the second of five Halloween challenges. Sept. 8 - Oct. 6. I'll be posting one Halloween STEM challenge video every Thursday to my YouTube channel

Until then, you'll find the Halloween bundle briefly described in this post

All challenges are available individually and in discounted bundles in my TpT store, as well:


  1. I shared your ideas on my blog and used them in my STEAM classroom.

    1. Heather, thanks so much for sharing on your post! I will have to check out the book you suggested there. As you probably know, I'm big on incorporating content from different subject areas in my challenges, so it's cool to see different ideas on what people are using. I really enjoyed seeing the pics of your students' designs on your blog! Again, thanks for sharing! :)