September 22, 2016

Halloween STEM Challenge: Creature Catcher

Halloween STEM Challenge: Creature Catcher is an engaging, collaborative, hands-on activity in which students design a device to catch spiders or other creatures.

The first big holiday in the school year is a big deal! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I always like to do fun -- but still very academic -- activities to capitalize on the students' excitement. This challenge fits the bill: Creature Catcher!

In this challenge, students work in partners or groups to create devices to trap/capture spiders and/or other creatures of your choosing. You can look at it as a spider web challenge, but don't present it to students that way! It gives them preconceived notions, and you might be surprised at their creativity when you don't set them up with what you have in mind!
Creature Catcher Halloween STEM Challenge - Students build webs or other devices to catch spiders or other creatures.

Halloween Ban?

If Halloween activities are taboo or forbidden in your classroom, not to worry! Connect this challenge with food chains/webs, arachnids vs. insects and other tiny creepy crawlies, ecosystems, habitats ... the list goes on and on! You can always find ways around a Halloween ban! 

Where Can I Find Out More?

Want to know more about materials, how to add some complexity for older kids, and more? See the video below for a walk-through of this challenge as well as what you can do to modify for the savvy STEM challenger!

Creature Catcher Video

Are There Others Like This?
You know me, I hate to stop with one seasonal challenge, so I never do! This is one of five Halloween challenges. Starting Sept. 8, I'll be posting one Halloween STEM challenge video every Thursday to my YouTube channel.

Until then, you'll find the Halloween bundle briefly described in this post

All challenges are available individually and in discounted bundles in my TpT store, as well:

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