September 7, 2016

Halloween STEM Challenge: Wings Wanted

Halloween STEM Challenge: Wings Wanted. Looking for a great way to keep students engaged, thinking critically, and working on hands-on problem solving? In this challenge, students create a new set of bat wings!

Kids have the worst time trying to concentrate on school the day of Halloween -- and it's even worse the day after! You'll need something extra engaging for them in order to keep their brains working at max capacity. Wouldn't you know it, I've got just the thing: Wings Wanted!

Wings Wanted Halloween STEM Challenge example Premise:
This is essentially a paper airplane challenge. Start with a wingless, bat body template and have students build out a set of wings to help it fly the max distance possible. You can also test for target accuracy and/or style, if desired.

Halloween Ban?
If Halloween activities are taboo or forbidden in your classroom, not to worry! Connect this challenge with lessons on bats in the ecosystem, food chains/webs, read Stella Luna and conduct bat inquiries ... the list goes on and on! You can always find ways around a Halloween ban!

Want More Wings Wanted Info?
Want to know more about materials, how to keep it simple for the younger kids, or add some complexity for older kids? See the video below for a walk-through of this challenge as well as what you can do to modify for the savvy STEM challenger!

Wings Wanted Video:

Are There Others Like This?
You know me, I hate to stop with one seasonal challenge, so I never do! This is one of five Halloween challenges. Starting Sept. 8, I'll be posting one Halloween STEM challenge video every Thursday to my YouTube channel.

Until then, you'll find the Halloween bundle briefly described in this post

All challenges are available individually and in discounted bundles in my TpT store, as well:

Wings Wanted Halloween STEM Challenge example

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