November 11, 2016

Thanksgiving STEM Challenge: Turkey Transporter

Thanksgiving STEM Challenge: In Turkey Transporter, students design a way to transport turkeys quickly and safely across a horizontal and/or vertical distance. Includes modifications grades 2 - 8.

Congratulations, teacher! You're almost there. You've almost made it to Thanksgiving break, but we all know those last few days can be difficult for you and your students. Everyone is more than ready for a rest, and focusing on school can be challenging for all. As tempting as it might be to phone it in with some videos and parties, you can't really afford to waste instructional time. What to do? STEM challenges, of course. They're fun, engaging and require students to problem-solve and think critically in collaboration with their peers.

In the last month, I've described five (5) Thanksgiving challenges that followed the journey of the Pilgrims as they set up their new settlement: 

- Mini Mayflower (Get to where you're going)

- Protect-a-Pilgrim (Build a shelter)

- Pumpkin Picker (Gather available food)

- Corn Cultivator (Set up sustainable food source)

- Turkey Transporter (Once all major needs are met, there's time for fun!)

As indicated above, the Pilgrims tended to their basic needs in challenges 1 - 4. In challenge 5, it's time for them let loose and have a little fun in Turkey Transporter!


Students design a way to transport a turkey quickly and safely across a horizontal and/or vertical distance.

Where Can I Find Out More?

It's a lot easier to explain challenges visually! The video walk-through of Turkey Transporter is embedded below. In it, you'll find information about materials, modifying difficulty level, extensions and some tips & tricks to guide you, so you can better guide your students through the challenge. Check it out:

Where are the Others?

There are a few ways to find out more about the Thanksgiving resources. 
1) You can click on the covers pictured here to go straight to the resources. 
2) Each of these five Thanksgiving challenges has a corresponding blog post and video walk through just like this one. 
3)You can also find all the videos in my Thanksgiving playlist on YouTube.

For a summary of the Thanksgiving bundle with links to each challenge post, see this post. 

All challenges are available individually and in discounted bundles in my TpT store, as well.

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  1. Kerry, I LOVE your Thanksgiving STEM challenges. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These look like a blast!! My kids always love "Ms. Tracy's challenges"! :)

  3. I can't believe how incredibly fun these projects look! So creative!!!

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  5. These projects are great! What a timely STEM activity!