December 2, 2016

November Recap

I know you are going to miss some of the things going on in my blog, YouTube channel and TpT store. Who has the time to keep up with their own lives, let alone someone else's whole deal?!  Hopefully, these monthly updates will make it easier to catch all the updates and teaching tidbits to make your teaching life that much better! (Click: October Recap to see last month's updates.)


TpT launched video. While it's still in beta, I've been loading the same library I have available on YouTube to TpT. I'll continue to use both YouTube and TpT to host my libraries, so you can access them in whichever place you prefer!

Click here for the winter/Christmas STEM challenge walk-through playlist.

Click here to see my video library on TpT.


I completed the final winter/Christmas update: Sleigh & Slope or Sled & Slope, depending on the version you choose. You are definitely going to want to re-download this if you own it or the Winter/Christmas 5-in-1 bundle, because  I added a lot of new goodies! You'll find new primary response pages with expanded room for response, new cross-curricular extension ideas and handouts, and more!



I was able to travel for Thanksgiving and met my 7-month-old niece, Maddy, for the first time. She is crazy strong, full of energy, and amazingly content. She is adorable and sweet and I can't get enough of her ridiculous, halting giggle!


I'll be posting video walk-throughs for the remaining winter/Christmas challenges on YouTube and TpT. I'm also hoping/planning to final finish at least one resource for the Speak, Listen, Draw series. I'm also planning to take a little time off to enjoy the holidays.


If you want to receive notifications of these monthly recaps, you can follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers. I send a monthly note linking back to this post so all the links are easy to find (see the image below)! You can also follow this blog.


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