March 28, 2017

Spring / Easter STEM Challenge: Egg-hanced

This STEM challenge is a classic egg drop, making it perfect for any time in spring, including -- but not limited to -- Easter!  I fondly remember doing this challenge when I was in kindergarten -- before "STEM Challenges" were a thing! I also recall the best design (not mine) used blown-up balloons to make for a very light-weight, protective housing for the egg. I was so jealous of how clever that was!

Now, I have to marvel at it; a good 20 years before I saw my first plastic bag of air in a shipping container, one of my classmates could have been its inventor! At five years old, that's pretty darn impressive!

Spring or Easter STEM Challenge: In Egg-hanced, students design an egg-hancement to protect it from drops at various heights! Includes modifications for grades 2-8.


Use real eggs or plastic eggs filled
with beans.
Add some soft materials,
especially for younger students.
Working against a criteria & constraints list, students design an egg-hancement to protect it from drops at ever-increasing heights!  There are a variety of materials & options described in the video below to make the challenge easier or more difficult. Since this is a classic, 
I've added in a few ideas to make it a bit more interesting and challenging!

Where Can I Find Out More?

Rather than write it all down for you to read, wouldn't it be nicer to just sit back and watch? I've found creating video walk-throughs of my STEM challenges is the best/fastest way to explain the important details: materials, set-up, tips, modifications, extensions, and more! Check out the video below to learn more about Egg-hanced:

Are There Other Challenges Like This?

Of course! I can't help myself! I have created 5 challenges for Easter & spring (with plans for a few more coming soon)! You can find the overview of each on this blog post. These challenges will all post by April 9, 2017. Each challenge will be linked to the post linked above, so be sure to check back! 

Please reach out with any questions and tag me in photos of your students' work on Facebook & Instagram.

You can find even more STEM challenges in my Mega Bundle, on this blog, and on my YouTube channel!

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